18/04/2019 MAG Foundation helps with the funding of UKMTP Van purchase


The UKMTP is a volunteer operation, set up three years ago do something about London's motorcycle crime epidemic. They need funding to help them cover the cost of running the operation so that they can recover some of the thousands of motorcycles that are stolen in London each year without the owners facing huge recovery and storage charges that are levied when bikes are recovered by the police. Many of these motorcycles are used for petty crime, drug dealing and joyriding, then dumped soon afterwards. Some are stolen and then hidden in backstreets and then moved on again once the thieves know the vehicle isn't being tracked.

The UKMTP have a network of 'spotter' riders who see these bikes virtually every day, but it can be months before the police find & recover stolen bikes and when they do, the owner faces large bills for recovery and storage, often hundreds of pounds. The UKMTP want to change that and operate a similar scheme to the ones already running elsewhere in the country. They have already been able to recover a vast number of bikes so far and have a storage facility where these can be kept without fees while they track down the owner.

The group are currently using hourly hire vehicles and equipment that is being lent to them but desperately need a van and equipment of their own to continue with their valuable work. They have a very active Facebook group and Community where you can find out more about what they do

Facebook News Page
Facebook Community Page
Facebook Stolen/Found Page

To fund the UKMTP team you can donate via their "Go Funding" page by following the link below
UKMTP Go Funding Page